The Sputnik Bar was an infamous dive bar in Columbus, GA, where one could usually find a “Buckit of Beer”, a game of pool against state champion Rip, or an escape from the typical societal norms of the city. As former owner Thomas King described it: “I don’t care who you are, I don’t care who comes in; I’ll set it up like you want it. This is y’all’s bar. Not mine." (credit)

The Sputnik Bar closed its doors in 2016 after decades of operation, leaving a legacy that didn’t become known until we purchased the building in 2018. News of our acquisition went local-viral on social media, as hundreds of comments poured from all walks of life to share stories, post photos, and make offers to take home some Sputnik Bar memorabilia.

Our mission is to honor this collective history and maintain that come-as-you-are spirit, as we set a new trajectory with Sputnik Coffee Bar. We hope you make us a part of your daily escape.

The Founders

Rocky Hutchins

Rocky Hutchins has worked most positions in the culinary industry, starting at the bottom to learn the business inside and out. Fascinated by the science of cooking and never shying away from a hard day’s work, Rocky strives to improve the culinary experiences for Columbus-area locals every day, whether that’s in managing his kitchens, training front of house staff, or roasting Sputnik Coffee beans.

Besides Sputnik Coffee Bar, Rocky also co-owns Bare Roots Farmacy, a Columbus restaurant that highlights the best farms and ingredients in Chattahoochee Valley region.

Ben Link

Ben Link is a social entrepreneur focused on improving the local food and general wellness scenes in Columbus, GA. He believes there is great potential in his hometown and is eager to collaborate with others to help co-create better vibes and experiences, so we have more genuine opportunities to connect with each other, with Nature, and with one’s self.

Besides Sputnik Coffee Bar, Ben co-founded River Flow Yoga and Wellness with his wife, Alee Link, and co-owns Bare Roots Farmacy, a local restaurant highlighting the best farms and ingredients in the region.

From the aroma rising from the first pour to the coffee rings left on the table when you're done, we hope Sputnik Coffee will become a ritual that fuels your daily escape to explore your true potential.

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